Afghanistan 1969-1974

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Museum Kabul 1969 : Bodhisattva Maitreya aus Fondukistan; Höhe ca. 60 cm; spätes 7./8. Jh.
Photo/Copyright © Dr. Volker Thewalt 1969 / 2002
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[ Vgl. Francine Tissot 2006, Catalogue of the National Museum of Afghanistan 1931-1985,
UNESCO publishing 2006, Paris, p. 132:
T.Sh.p. Fu. 260.25a Thin layer of stucco on dried clay with faded colours. MDAFA, VIII, fig. 198.
These ornamental panels were painted on the exterior walls of the chapels. Only one (a) was recovered and brought to the Kabul Museum. No record appears to have survived of the fragments of the three other panels. The only reference, there fore, is provided by Jean Carl's drawings (b, c and d).

Funduqistan (Parvan province)
By the mountain road from Bamiyan to Kabul (117 km north-west of Kabul and 120 km east of Bamiyan), near the village of Siyagird, some children accidentally discovered some fragments of mud-mouldings and brought them to the local authorities. Fortunately, Joseph Hackin and Jean Carl of DAFA visited the site in 1936 and began excavation work. They discovered a charming small monastery. In the alcoves of its chapels were groups of previously unknown male and female figures executed in a vivid and realistic style. These sculptures date from the late seventh or the eighth century AD. They were moved to the Kabul Museum with great difficulty.
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