Kabul Museum 1969

Copyright (c) Dr. Volker Thewalt
1969 / 22.02.2001

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Museum Kabul, Großer stehender Buddha, Schiefer. Dargestellt ist das Wunder von Shravasti: Flammen schlagen aus den Schultern des Buddha und Wasser entströmt seinen Füßen. Frontalansicht.
Photo : Thewalt 1969 (p4_69_12)

[Vgl. Francine Tissot 2006, Catalogue of the National Museum of Afghanistan 1931-1985,
UNESCO publishing 2006, Paris, p. 354:
K.p. or T.Sh.p. SKB. 928.27. Schist. Motamedi, fig. 10
Tall standing Buddha against a background depicting the life stories of the Buddha. Flames issue from his shoulders and water from his feet..

The Sarai Khuja Buddhas, Kabul
Two large schist Buddha statues were accidentally found near the village of Sarai Khuja (also called Mir Bacha Kot), 33 km north of Kabul, in the year 1965. They depict the Miracle at Shravasti. The place had been studied by Roman Ghirshman when he was in search of the famous Alexandria of the Caucasus.
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