Afghanistan, Kabul Museum 1969

Copyright (c) Dr. Volker Thewalt
1969 / 02.03.2001 [17.10.2010]
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Museum Kabul : Shiva aus Gardez, weißer Marmor, Hindu-Shahi-Periode, ca. 8./9. Jh., H. 28 Zentimeter
Photo : Thewalt 1969 (69_km_196_40)

[Vgl. Francine Tissot 2006, Catalogue of the National Museum of Afghanistan 1931-1985,
UNESCO publishing 2006, Paris, p. 472:
T.Sh.p.Ga. 1332.399, K.M. inv. no. 64-25-1.
Head of the Hindu god Shiva.
H 0.28. White marble, Kuwayama, fig. 12; MIY, 1969, fig. 252.

The finds from Gardez region (all accidental discoveries) belong to a late period in Afghan Art (c. eighth to tenth century AD). These white marble statues belong to the Hindu tradition of the Kingdom of Kashmir. Many of them are still found in private collections and even in temples. This catalogue lists only the ones kept in the Kabul Museum.]

Gardez-Koordinaten: 33°36'11.16"N 69°13'31.80"E (Google Earth)