Afghanistan, Kabul Museum 1969

Copyright (c) Dr. Volker Thewalt
1969 / 02.03.2001 [akt. 17.10.2010]
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Museum Kabul : Korinthisierendes Kompositkapitell mit liegendem Buckelrind, Löwenkopf und Büste einer Person (Seitenansicht der vorigen Aufnahme).
Photo : Thewalt 1969 (p1_69_02)
Aus Cham Qal'a, Baghlan

[Vgl. Francine Tissot 2006, Catalogue of the National Museum of Afghanistan 1931-1985,
UNESCO publishing 2006, Paris, p. 95:
K.p. ChQ.Bagh. 184.1b. No numbers or measurements. Stone. MDAFA, XIX, Pl. XXIV, no. 2
Side view of the same capital ( see previous picture).

A Japanese team from the University of Tokyo excavated a site near Baghlan in the 1960s. In the ruins of a qala, they found what might have been the gates of a small town and the remains of a monastery and stupa. The reliefs and capitals came to the Kabul Museum (MDAFA, XIX (1964), pp. 37-39).]