Afghanistan, Kabul Museum 1969

Copyright (c) Dr. Volker Thewalt
1969 / 02.03.2001 [akt. 18.10.2010]
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Museum Kabul : Herkules mit Keule und Modius/Kalathos (?), Bronze, aus Begram, H. ca. 24 cm
Photo : Thewalt 1969 (p1_69_06)

[Vgl. Francine Tissot 2006, Catalogue of the National Museum of Afghanistan 1931-1985,
UNESCO publishing 2006, Paris, p. 283:
K.p.Beg.711. 451. Exc. no. 25. K.M. inv. no. 57-3-4, H 0.241; Bronze, cast solid. MDAFA, XI, figs. 323-25; G.G., 61, fig. 23; ROW, 66, fig. 7; ROW, 71, fig. 92; D.D.B. 103.93; L.N.
Statuette of the Roman god Hercules-Serapis, holding a club and wearing the modius.

Like the former artefacts, the bronzes were not considered of great interest at the time of their discovery and therefore ought to be studied afresh (see MDAFA, XI, pp. 147-150). The small statuettes of the divinities and objects of everyday life found during the excavations belong to the Graeco-Roman tradition, but it is difficult to establish wether they were imported or copied by local artisans.
O. Kurz, 1954, MDAFA, XI, ch. V, pp. 147-50; catalogue, pp. 276-93.